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History and Tourist Attractions in Turkey

As Custom Turkey Tours we aim for safe and healthy tours that we organize in some elite countries. In particular, by organizing tours to Egypt, Greece, Croatia, Israel and Turkey you can visit the most important points of these countries. With our experienced and licensed guides we serve you information about both holiday and general culture.

Turkish Republic which connects Asia to Europe is a popular choice for summer tourists. Turkey’s history, artifacts, structures, beaches and natural beauty may be the first route for the holidaymakers. You can catch the opportunity to visit different provinces in Turkey with the Turkey tours that we organize.

Turkish territory which hosted four empires consists of a dynamic republic. With its 80 million people, the dominated language in Turkey is Turkish. Turkey which is surrounded by Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea has a geostrategic point in the world. We can say that it is admired by the tourists for its culture, lifestyle and traditions. Guided with Turkey tours or private tours, almost 2 million people visit Turkey every year.

History and Tourist Attractions in Turkey


It is possible to come across to many structures of the Ottoman era which also once a capital of the Ottoman Empire. Especially Ulucamii, Emirsultan and madrasas prove and important atmosphere to Bursa. Besides this, the skirts of Uludag can be considered for a quite vacation.

Bursa İstanbul Çanakkale Turkey tours

Bursa İstanbul Çanakkale Turkey tours


As we mentioned above, the cause of its connection to Europe and Asia is its geographical location. Many different empires lasted many years in Istanbul and many structures built during this period were restored and survived until today. We can say that Istanbul is full of history.

You can spend about 15 days in Istanbul to see German Fountain, Anatolian Fortress, Arasta Bazaar, Beylerbeyi Palace, Beyazit Tower and Bath, Dolmabahce Palace and Galata Tower for a travel full of joy.


Our Turkey tours which include Canakkale has also been subject to many different movies,films and books. It is possible to go for a ride in Canakkale which forms a distinct feeling to Turkey.

Canakkale Martyrs Monument, the ancient city of Troy, the Maritime Museum, Kilitbahir Castle, Mirror Bazaar and the bastions will liven up your holiday and we can say that they will be the best for you to get information. Along with this, there are beautiful islands and beaches for you to spend your summer vacation.

You can examine our Turkey tour packages for Canakkale, Izmir, Istanbul and Cappadocia.