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Pamukkale, The Owner Of The World’s Richest Landscapes And Privileges

Pamukkale which is listed on UNESCO World Heritage List is located in Denizli province which is in the south western part of  Turkey. Pamukkale is approximately 2,700 meters in length and 1,600 in height. It is possible to see Pamukkale from 20 km away with its rich and brilliant images. We can say that the foreign tourists who visit the area during the winter saw the travertine as snow. Pamukkale travertine which is unique in the world became the heart of tourism in Turkey with its rich landscape and healing waters. It is recommended and visited by over a million people each year. The travel agents organizing Turkey tours are producing various sightseeing packages considering the historical sights and natural formations in Turkey. Turkey tours organized by the travel agents are providing rides to millions of tourists to see the splendid regions which occurred from natural formations in Cappadocia and Pamukkale. Along with this, it is possible to see historical sites and museums that are not too far from the travertine in Pamukkale.

The Places To See In Pamukkale

The ancient city of Laodicea

It is located 6 km north of Denizli. It was founded by Antiochus in 261-263 BC and Antiochus’s wife’s name was given to the city. The churches, ruins and roads to that period will revive the old city to you.


We can say that the ancient city of Hierapolis located in the UNESCO World Heritage List made a difference for Denizli. There is information about its construction in the beginning of 2nd century but the information has not specified the exact date. Although it experienced a major damage by the earthquake in the Nero era, it was renewed with modern facilities in order to maintain its naturalness. You can add Hierapolis to your route in Denizli to add a little color to your trip.

Pamukkale tours Turkey

In addition to these regions, Karahayıt spas, Hierapolis Archeology Museum, ancient pools and the church of Philippe Martyrion are among the must see places.

The Activities That Can Be done In Unique Pamukkale!


The people who want to watch the city with a full adrenaline eye from the sky can excite their Denizli and Pamukkale vacations with paragliders.


Trekking is a perfect sport for you to spend your free time in your Pamukkale trip. There are various tracks where you can go on trekking in Pamukkale. In the unique nature of Pamukkale, Babadag and Hanaz Dagi are the best choices for trekking. The activities done by all tourists in Pamukkaleshould not be forgotten. You should not forget to take the advantage of healing waters of the thermal springs to soothe your body.

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