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Travel Turkey İzmir

80 million people live in Turkey which has the world’s most beautiful beaches, ancient cities and the nature. It is possible to say that Turkey with its main language Turkish has rich culture and lifestyle. It is possible to hear these words from the tourists who visit this country every year. We can say that Turkey travel is the most logical for cultural, summer and honeymoon vacations. We can also say that the places of natural beauty to be seen are the only ones in the world. As Custom Turkey Tours, we bring excitement to your honeymoon vacation with our Turkey travel packages. We select the most vibrant places for you to spend 10 full days in Turkey.


Izmir with its advanced location is one of the most unique cities in Turkey. Izmir is famous with its beaches stretching to Aegean for honeymoon vacation. We can say that Izmir’s culture, food and lifestyle is quite exciting.

What to Do and What to Eat In Izmir

You can perform many different activities in Izmir for honeymoon. We chose the most beautiful places for new couples and listed them.

Kordon Boyu

Kordon Boyu which fascinates with its atmospheres and views is definitely among the places to be visited and seen. Couples, friends and lowers have a place where they can make plans to go to. You can enjoy a meal and some cold drinks with your loved ones in Kordon Boyu.

izmir travel

izmir travel


One of the first points of the tourists who perform a Turkey travel is Kemeralti. You can taste the cuisine of Izmir in Kemeralti and stop by the shops for souvenirs. We certainly recommend you to visit Kemeralti to witness the atmosphere that that extents from past to present.

Stuffed Mussels

We can say that Izmir is famous for its stuffed mussels. You can come across to stuffed mussels sellers almost everywhere. We recommend people to try stuffed mussels who haven’t tried them yet.

Pastor Stew

This meat type of meal is again famous among the people of Izmir which is frequently consumed by them. If you want to taste the local flavors during your stay in Izmir and if you haven’t tried pastor stew yet, we recommend you to add it to your menu.

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