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Turkey Tours

Places to see with the guided Turkey tours !

Today, when the winter and summer seasons start, almost all over the world, the tourism companies and the sectors that are connected to them are on the peak. Ski resorts in the winter, sea sides and the historical sites in the summer are on the rise of the interest. In accord with this, along with the rapidly developing countries, the tourism sector is developing as well. The services provided by the tourism sector have focused on customer satisfaction. Today, many travelers accompained by expert guides in our country travel as they wish. While they are on vacation, they get information from the experts about regions they visit. We picked out the two most preferred places among the all touristic sites in Turkey. We do offer several Turkey package tours for these areas.


According to the reports today, Cappadocia was formed by the lavas of the blasted ashes from Erciyes and Hasan Dagi mountains 60 million years ago. Forming and shaping were effected by the years of wind and rain. Cappadocia which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage welcomes thousands of tourists from home and abroad every year. The people who want to see the underground cities, caves and the fairy chimneys witness the unique and spectecular formations of Cappadocia.

Cappadocia Turkey travel

Cappadocia Turkey travel

When you visit Cappadocia which is one of the most popular touris destinations in Turkey, you should also try the hot air ballooning. To see Cappadocia with a bird’s eye view will give you a different experience. In order not to disrupt the naturalness, no road work has been done in the area but people can add a little more excitement to their Cappadocia tours with ATVs.

Since Cappadocia has a continental climate, we recommend people to go there in the spring or summer for vacation. Transportation and leisure activities in the winter months can be more difficult or restricted because of the climate conditions, so we can say that the most appropriate time to go is between April and October.


The old Greek city of Ephesus is today in the town of Selcuk which is in the city limits of Izmir. In 1994 it temporarly took the title of World Heritage by Unesco and in 2015 it was registered as a World Heritage. Due to the protection of it’s originality until today, in terms of tourism, it welcomes many tourists and offers opportunities for a historic trip with the surrounding stuctures. With the guided tours in Ephesus, you can travel from start to finish and explore the historical texture of Ephesus with our daily Ephesus tours.



The places to see in Ephesus

The ruins of Ephesus are the remains of Vedius gymnasium. I was built by a wealthy man as a gift to Vedius in 2nd Century A.D. In the structure which was built in it’s culture, there are baths and other things to perform training and sporting activities.

The theater under the ruins of Ephesus had the capacity of 25,000 in it’s period. It was also used in festivals and was completed between 98-117 A.D.

The Harbour Baths were built in the 2nd century. They were the first of their kind and some changes and repairs were made by the Emperor Constantine in the 4th century. Seeing the interesting ruins and comparing them with today is leading us to a charming atmosphere. If you happen to be at the Harbour Baths with one of our guided tours, you definitely should not forget to take some photos.

If you want to see the uniques places like Cappadocia and Ephesus, you can take the advantage of affordable and rich of kind Turkey tours offerred by CUSTOM TRAVEL SERVICES.